zone baslik
At Koç University, fostering a safe and inclusive
academic environment is paramount, where every
individual is treated with respect and dignity. The
“Zone” campaign is a vital part of this commit-
ment, addressing the important issue of
gender-based violence and sexual harassment.

What is “Zone”?
The “Zone” campaign, conducted in collaboration
with the Dean of Students, the Gender Equality
Office, and supported by the Communications
Directorate, addresses the significant importance
of raising awareness regarding gender-based
violence and sexual harassment within the campus
community, especially among students.

Why “Zone”?
“Zone” symbolizes an individual’s personal space, a
place of safety and comfort that easily adapts to
their needs, emotions, and intuitions, remaining
uniquely their own. As members of the campus
community, the goal is to empower individuals to
define their own “zone,” ensure that it is respected
by others, and provide guidance on safeguarding
themselves from gender-based violence.

Why Now?
This initiative stems from identified knowledge
gaps among stakeholders, primarily students,
regarding essential concepts and processes
related to gender-based violence and sexual
harassment. These gaps were identified in two
distinct projects conducted by the Dean of
Students and the Gender Equality Office.
Additionally, Koç University recognizes the
importance of immediate action on this issue, as
outlined in the Koç University Gender Equality Plan
(KUGEP), approved by the Academic Board in July
2022. It emphasizes the need for extensive communication
and awareness efforts to maintain a safe campus environment.

Zone Products
The “Zone” campaign encompasses a range of
products designed to raise awareness, educate the
community, and offer resources for combating
gender-based violence and sexual harassment.
These products primarily include:

>> Visual Media Products: This category comprises
posters, animations, and similar content featured on
dedicated Zone screens across the campus.

In addition to visual media products, the campaign
also involves:

>> A Dedicated Website: The campaign has launched
a dedicated website that provides comprehensive
information about university processes related to
combating gender-based violence and sexual
harassment. It also serves as a repository for
essential concepts and information required by

>> Tailored Awareness Items: These items are
designed to raise awareness about institutional
resources among academics and contribute to the
campaign’s goals.

Behind the Design
The campaign is designed by the talented students
of the “CIRCLE” Visual Communication Design
Studio, under the guidance of Çağla Turgul, faculty
member in the Media and Visual Arts department.
CIRCLE is comprised of students who have
completed or are currently taking graphic
design-based courses at Koç University. Led by
Çağla Turgul, this team is motivated to utilize their
design experience and technical skills to raise
awareness within the university community using
cutting-edge, innovative approaches to design.