At Koç University, there is a significant disparity in the ratio of female students in various departments, with STEM fields having the lowest share of female students. Gender studies is a strong part of the course offerings, but it is mostly housed in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and College of Administrative Sciences and Economics. The lack of gender dimension in courses offered in STEM and medical sciences needs to be addressed through curriculum analysis and mapping. The leadership of the institution needs to prioritize gender mainstreaming and incentivize gender-sensitive pedagogies among teaching staff. A central communication and coordination point is missing to map and create synergy among students engaging in curricular and co-curricular activities on gender-related issues.

To improve the situation, the KUGEP proposes to undertake a curriculum analysis and course mapping, build an online library and course for teaching staff on gender mainstreaming, organize a workshop for faculty on integrating gender dimension into curricula, and create a funding scheme for teaching staff who want to design or revise curriculum and teaching materials for inclusive classroom and gender-sensitive pedagogy. The plan also suggests engaging students through KU Gender Equality Plan as an institutional source, organizing workshops and developing a collaborative teaching course on gender equality. Efforts of gender mainstreaming in teaching will be rewarded and incentivized through a funding scheme. Finally, the plan proposes to engage alumni by establishing a close connection between the Gender Equality Office and the Alumni Office and developing joint projects with KU alumni.