Koç University’s Gender Equality Coordinator recently conducted a lively session titled ‘Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) Training’ as part of the Broad-er Summer School 2023. The session, attended by enthusiastic participants, delved into various dimensions of higher education and its alignment with DEI principles.

Throughout the session, attendees explored the multifaceted nature of higher education institutions, viewing them as more than just academic spaces. They examined how these institutions intersect with urban contexts, contributing to gentrification, sustainability, community engagement, and cultural vibrancy. A pivotal moment arrived with an interactive exchange on the Wheel of Privilege, where participants confronted their biases and intersectionality.

Moreover, the session comprehensively addressed the pressing issue of bullying and harassment in academia. Hierarchical structures, power dynamics, and unequal resource allocation were dissected, revealing the pervasive nature of these challenges. Inclusivity in language and communication was also emphasized, promoting respectful dialogue, gender-inclusive language, active listening, and sensitivity.

This insightful session occurred during the BROAD-ER International Summer School 2023, hosted by Koç University’s Migration Research Center (MiReKoc) in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and Pompeu Fabra University. As migration and urbanization intertwine in complex ways, this interdisciplinary event encouraged attendees to explore the dynamic relationship between cities and international migration, fostering a deeper understanding of their interconnectedness.