According to the KUGEP, Koç University has made progress in promoting gender balance in leadership positions, with a significant number of women in academic and administrative leadership roles. However, there is still room for improvement in achieving gender equality in decision-making, especially in fields such as medical sciences, technology, energy, and entrepreneurship. The lack of institutional support mechanisms, such as mentoring or training programs for female employees, has been identified as a weakness.

To address these issues, the KUGEP outlines several objectives and actions, including maintaining gender balance in leadership positions and decision-making committees, mainstreaming gender in leadership culture and decision-making, and developing the leadership capacities of women through support mechanisms such as mentoring, training programs, and peer networking opportunities. Achieving gender balance in search committees and the leadership of research centers and advisory and executive boards are also identified as specific actions. Gender equality trainings for leadership and management levels, as well as performance evaluation criteria to promote gender equality, are also proposed. These actions aim to promote gender equality and empower women in leadership positions at Koç University.