As we honor the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the Gender Equality Office embraces the opportunity to spotlight the invaluable contributions and narratives of women shaping scientific landscapes. Through a thoughtful initiative, we’ve fostered candid exchanges between esteemed women faculty members and their accomplished students navigating their journeys in science. These conversations serve as windows into the diverse and inspiring experiences, elucidating the challenges faced, triumphs achieved, and the resilience characterizing the paths of women in scientific pursuits. The captured moments, shared within their working spaces like laboratories, hospitals, libraries, and various work environments, showcase the genuine connections and mentorship bonds formed between professors and their colleagues in learning. At the core of our endeavors lies the conviction that an inclusive scientific community thrives on equality, support, and equal opportunities for every aspiring scientist, irrespective of gender. This project stands as a reflection of Koç University’s unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where gender parity flourishes, evident through our comprehensive Gender Equality Action Plan. We persistently champion gender equality, striving for parity across disciplines and promoting women’s leadership roles in science. The Gender Equality Office remains resolute in its dedication to advancing gender equality within our academic sphere, ensuring that women continue to play pivotal roles in driving scientific progress and innovation, not just today but every day.

* The interviews in this series were conducted in the fall of 2022. However, due to the major earthquakes in February 2023, the publishing of the interviews and the launch of the series were postponed to February 11th, 2024.