Koç University Gender Equality Plan (KUGEP) is a comprehensive and dynamic plan designed to ensure that gender equality is maintained and strengthened in all aspects of the institution. In March 2021, a committee composed of a diverse group of academic and administrative employees conducted a gender audit of the institution and identified the need for a dedicated unit to coordinate and facilitate the preparation and implementation of the Gender Equality Plan. The Gender Equality Coordinator position was created in April 2022 to address this need.

KUGEP is a dynamic document that is reviewed annually to make necessary revisions and updates. The plan is also designed to work with other institutional policies and plans, such as the HR Excellence in Research Award, the UN Global Compact, and the larger SDG 2030 Agenda framework. Additionally, KUGEP addresses the gendered effects of potential disruptions to higher education and takes up the responsibility of developing a macro-level institutional plan to future-proof essential processes, operations, and employee well-being. Overall, KUGEP is an integrated policy document designed to create a more inclusive institution where every talent can reach its full potential.

Gender Equality Data

KUGEP Sections

The KUGEP action items are categorized into seven main sections. An overview of these sections and their contents is provided below:

1) Organizational excellence for gender equality:
2) Work-life balance and organizational culture:
3) Gender balance in leadership and decision-making:
4) Gender equality in recruitment and career progression:
5) Research:
6) Teaching
7) Measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment: