The Alumni Relations Office recently conducted an interview with the Gender Equality Coordinator, shedding light on the establishment of the newly founded Gender Equality Office and the launch of the Koç University Gender Equality Plan (KUGEP). In the interview, the coordinator provided insights into the vision, mission, strategy, and focus areas of the office and KUGEP, emphasizing the significance of alumni engagement in realizing the shared vision of gender equality.

With a strong commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment, the Gender Equality Office aims to address the multifaceted challenges surrounding gender equality within our university community. The Koç University Gender Equality Plan (KUGEP) outlines a comprehensive roadmap, featuring action items that encompass various dimensions of gender equality. The implementation of these items is guided by a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach, leveraging the expertise and involvement of diverse partners.

During the interview, particular emphasis was placed on the indispensable role of alumni in driving the development of the gender equality vision. The coordinator underscored the importance of alumni support, urging them to actively contribute to the Gender Equality Office. Alumni involvement can take many forms, including initiating projects within their companies, leveraging their networks, sharing sectoral insights, or offering creative and cutting-edge ideas. By harnessing the power of the established synergy within the alumni community, the Gender Equality Office aims to build a robust network, collectively working towards the shared mission of gender equality. The coordinator’s message to alumni resonated with the idea that together, we are stronger in establishing our goals for equality.

The interview also touched upon the warm welcome extended by the academic and administrative staff, as well as the larger university community, when the Gender Equality Office was established last year. The coordinator highlighted the essential role of leadership support in driving cultural transformation projects, expressing gratitude for the unwavering backing received from gender-equality-conscious leadership. Their support has been instrumental in laying the foundation for the office and launching the ambitious Koç University Gender Equality Plan.

Please note that the interview is currently available only in Turkish and can be accessed through this link.