In an effort to promote gender equality and create an inclusive learning environment, the Gender Equality Office (GEO) participated with an engaging and informative seminar as part of the postgraduate Medical Education Orientation Program. The seminar aimed to provide students with valuable insights into gender equality programs and initiatives within the university, with a particular focus on gender mainstreaming in medical education.

Dr. Pehlivan, the Gender Equality Coordinator, led the seminar, addressing the challenges and opportunities for gender equality within the field of medicine. The session delved into the critical importance of postgraduate medical education, recognizing the demanding work schedules and the potential complexities surrounding work-life balance and family care responsibilities.

The seminar shed light on the various measures and resources available to support gender equality at the university. Dr. Pehlivan emphasized the university’s overarching philosophy and mission in promoting gender equality, along with the organizational structure and strategies implemented by the Gender Equality Office. The students were introduced to GEO’s initiatives aimed at combating gender-based violence and fostering a safe and inclusive campus environment.

This seminar serves as a significant milestone for the Gender Equality Office, as it marks the first of many orientation programs planned to integrate sessions on gender equality. The integration of these sessions aligns perfectly with the objectives of KUGEP (KU Gender Equality Plan), which seeks to raise awareness and mainstream gender equality within the institution.

Date:  24 April 2023

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