The Gender Equality Office recently collaborated with the Koç Academy of Medical Education Research (KAMER) to deliver an enlightening session on Diversity and Inclusion as part of the trailblazing Healthcare Educator’s Program: Advanced Concepts and Skills in Healthcare Education. The session, meticulously designed and led by the university’s Gender Equality Coordinator and the KAMER team, aimed to foster a deeper understanding of diversity issues and promote inclusive practices among select faculty members of the Medical School.

The session was crafted with a unique and engaging approach, emphasizing interactive learning experiences. The participants commenced their journey by immersing themselves in key terminology associated with diversity, inclusion, and gender equality. To infuse an element of fun, they formed teams and enthusiastically competed in solving a crossword puzzle that incorporated the terminology, vying for a small prize.

The subsequent phase involved the teams delving into complex case studies specially curated by the Gender Equality Office and the KAMER team. These thought-provoking scenarios presented intricate issues prevalent in medical education, covering a wide spectrum of intersectional diversity dimensions, including gender, generational, sexual, and cultural aspects. Each team engaged in extensive discussions, analyzing the nuances of the cases through a series of thought-provoking questions. These collaborative efforts culminated in short presentations where the teams presented their insightful suggestions to improve the situations presented in the cases.

The case studies proved to be instrumental in bridging the gap between theoretical concepts of equality and diversity and their practical applications in everyday life within the medical education realm. By leveraging real-life examples, the participants gained a concrete understanding of the complexities and abstract nature of diversity discourse, thereby reinforcing their commitment to fostering inclusive environments.

As part of the feedback process, participants shared their valuable insights and observations, which will be utilized to further refine and expand the session. The success of this initiative has prompted plans to renew and enhance the session in the upcoming installment of the Healthcare Educator’s Program.

The Gender Equality Office, in close collaboration with KAMER, remains dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in healthcare education. By equipping academic faculty members with the skills and knowledge necessary to create inclusive and safe learning environments, this session serves as a pivotal step towards advancing the mission of gender equality and fostering a culture of inclusivity within the academic community.

Date: 18 May 2023