The Gender Equality Office (GEO) is proud to be in close collaboration with the UNESCO Chair in Gender Equality and Sustainable Development of Koç University. Established in May 2016, the Chair is a research center that serves as a hub for the intersection of science and society. It aims to advance research in gender equality and sustainable development, establish national and international cooperation among researchers, and promote the advancement of gender equality in academia, the public sector, the private sector, and law. The UNESCO Chair is closely associated with Koç University’s Gender Studies Center (KOÇ-KAM), which has been actively funding research projects, providing training programs, networking and collaborating with other similar centers and NGOs in Turkey and abroad since 2010.

The partnership between GEO and the UNESCO Chair is based on shared objectives, including promoting and supporting research on gender studies from gender equality and sustainable development perspectives, encouraging interest and advancing policy-relevant applied research in gender studies, training professionals on gender equality, and providing policy advice on gender equality and sustainable development. GEO values the collaboration and knowledge-sharing opportunities provided by the UNESCO Chair and looks forward to further strengthening the partnership in the future.