Koç University has a clear Sexual Harassment Prevention Regulation in place and investigates gender-based violence cases with utmost diligence. Counseling Service Unit (KURES) provides professional psychological support and counseling to students, and KU students and employees are required to take online Sexual Harassment Awareness Training. However, the institution needs to improve its complaint mechanisms and maintain the work-life balance of staff managing operations and investigation committees. There is an opportunity to develop new and improved training materials that are inclusive and cover a wide range of staff, including those who are most likely to be the first-responder to such cases.

To address these issues, Koç University aims to improve its processes for sustainable services, form a task force, develop more efficient and effective complaint and support mechanisms, diagnose financial, reorganization, human resources, digitalization, and training needs to improve the process, and develop easy-to-understand materials explaining the sexual harassment complaint and disciplinary process. Additionally, the institution plans to update all existing training materials, develop an institution-wide training program on critical first response to harassment complaints, and make it mandatory for every academic and administrative employee in close-contact with students to take the training program.