The Gender Equality Office at Koç University, in collaboration with the Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT), proudly presents the 2024 Gender Inclusive Teaching Improvement Grants. Building on the resounding success of the inaugural year, we are delighted to continue this transformative initiative. With increased funding now at 25,000 TRY, this grant program has become a cornerstone, affirming our commitment to advancing gender equality within the institution.

Following the positive feedback and the significant contributions of distinguished applicants, the 2024 grants underscore the stability and tradition this award has established at Koç University. This continued support not only amplifies the university’s unwavering commitment to the Koç University Gender Equality Plan (KUGEP) but also demonstrates the enduring dedication to fostering a gender-inclusive academic environment.

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2023 Gender Inclusive Teaching Improvement Grants

In 2023, the Gender Equality Office at Koç University, in partnership with the Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT), pioneered the Gender Inclusive Teaching Improvement Grants—an innovative initiative aimed at propelling gender-inclusive teaching practices. Initiated in response to the Koç University Gender Equality Plan (KUGEP), the program addressed the crucial need for increased awareness of gender-sensitive pedagogies among teaching and support staff.

This innovative initiative incentivized faculty members and instructors to enhance their curricular activities and teaching materials, fostering a transformative approach to gender-equal educational design principles. Designed to address implicit bias and gendered discrimination within the hidden curriculum, the program aimed to create a safe, inclusive classroom culture while developing awareness, skills, and knowledge about gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Grant recipients were not only encouraged to develop impactful teaching improvements but also to align their projects with the priorities of the broader grant program. With the support of KOLT and the Gender Equality Office, applicants had the opportunity to create new or re-designed courses, curricula, syllabi, and educational materials. Each project received financial support of up to 20,000 TRY, contributing to the purchase of educational materials, digital tools, stipends for assistant students, and other relevant expenses.

The Gender Inclusive Teaching Improvement Grants marked a pivotal moment in Koç University’s journey towards gender equality in academia. This initiative not only rewarded and incentivized efforts to mainstream gender in teaching but also provided valuable resources and guidance to elevate the overall quality of teaching and learning at Koç University.

2023 Grant Recipients

In the vanguard of transformative education, the 2023 Grant Recipients of the Gender Inclusive Teaching Improvement Grant exemplify a profound commitment to reshaping educational practices through a gender-inclusive lens. Each recipient brings a unique perspective and expertise, contributing to the university’s mission of fostering an inclusive and gender-sensitive learning environment.

Dr. Mehmet Zeki Giritli, positioned as a Lecturer at the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, orchestrates the course ARTS 356: Gender in Modern Theatre & Film. Dr. Giritli’s pedagogical approach invites students to embark on a global exploration of gender representations in theatre and film, fostering critical inquiry into the reciprocal influence of gender on artistic expressions. The course goes beyond traditional boundaries by encouraging collaborative on-stage projects, providing a platform for students to actively engage with gender issues and share their perspectives with the Koç University community.


Çağla Turgul, faculty of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, leads MAVA 350: Designing Visual Communication Solutions for Raising Awareness on Gender-Based Violence. Through a dynamic curriculum, Turgul empowers students to create impactful visual communication designs that address the pressing issue of gender-based violence. Collaborating with professionals and faculty, students in the course delve into critical examinations of the role of visual storytelling in shaping perceptions and behavior. The course extends its impact beyond the classroom by actively contributing to the “Zone” campaign against sexual harassment and gender-based violence within the Koç University campus.


Dr. Melike Mermercioğlu, a faculty member at the Graduate School of Business, guides students through the intricacies of MGMT 560: Sustainable Business Strategies for Competitiveness. This innovative course not only navigates sustainable solutions to environmental, societal, and economic challenges but also places a significant emphasis on gender equality and inclusion. Dr. Mermercioğlu’s commitment extends beyond the classroom, as she actively contributes to the global discourse on gender and diversity by teaching the Gender and Diversity Block Seminar to all CEMS students. The course stands as a testament to her dedication to developing a more gender-inclusive and diverse learning environment, aligning with Koç University’s broader commitment to excellence and inclusivity.